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Thread: Advantages running server at home?

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    Advantages running server at home?

    What are advantages of running a dedicated server at home serving data to the internet?
    Are there an advantages beside renting server in datacenter?

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    I dont think there are any advantages of running a server at home. If you want to host a server it should be in a data center as that is the best practice so far.
    The network speed is the most important thing what you get in data center as well as if the data center is providing DDOS mitigation facility then that is another important advantage.
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    Hosting a server in Data centre will be useful
    1.The server to be kept in a secure environment that is prepared for the eventuality of power cuts and data centre will have huge banks of batteries and generators that will keep the electricity flowing indefinitely whilst the power outage is fixed. centres are secure. They will have support team who will be working 24x7. will also have ideal air-conditioned environment and availability of system backup resources
    4.when there is the issue of connectivity. The data centre will have multiple high bandwidth and geographically diverse fibre connections to the internet.

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    I can't see any advantages. But disadvantages can be:

    By hosting at home:

    Cheaper than renting in datacenter.
    Upload speed may vary.
    There can be power, hardware failures.
    Internet connectivity issues may arise.
    Dynamic IP means server IP changes.
    Traffic handling may not be easy.

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    Hosting server at home will be quite cheaper and too costly too but there are some disadvantages, that may cause your company's reputations.
    The server needs multiple dedicated fiber internet connections. Redundant power supply. Cooling.
    For cost-cutting, if you use single broadband fiber connection then if it fails then what option will you have?
    For some reason, power goes down then what you will do?
    The server needs to run continuance and it gets high temperature.

    In that case, the hosting server in the data center will be a good idea.

    But if you will use the server for your own then hosting server in the home will be a benefit for you.
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    You can run and manage the server at home but it would not be recommend as the server should be kept at data center as it is more economical and properly organised.

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