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Thread: no DMCA / DMCA free/ignore dedicated servers providers

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    no DMCA / DMCA free/ignore dedicated servers providers

    What are good dedicated server providers who ignore DMCA notices/emails/reports?

    I found (not tried) these:
    Following providers can be scam, i did not verified.

    online.net, kimsufi.com (may forward DMCA, but not verify removal?)

    http://cinipac.com/en/dedicated.html (then switch to Dedicated Servers category)
    http://www.sharkserve.rs/ (reviews)
    http://swedendedicated.com (reviews) not friendly support, dmca is ignored
    https://www.flokinet.is/en/ (they say DMCA is US law and they forward notices, i assume not require removal, good support)
    https://alexhost.md/dedicated-server-in-moldova.html# (ignore dmca)
    https://anonymously.io/anonymous-server/ (new provider, says ignore DMCA)
    http://www.hostplay.com (pre-sale says we ignore, unless court order)
    https://beneluxservers.com/dedicated-servers/ (they claim "flexible DMCA")
    http://bitwebhosting.com/bitcoin-offshore-dedicated (claims they ignore DMCA, but do NOT allow warez)
    https://blazinhosting.net/LinuxVPS.html (only vps, not dedi)
    https://rockbelthost.com/offshore-vps-moldova.php (non-us dedi available, they say they ignore dmca on non US, cheap subnets,good pre-sale support)
    http://ir-hosting.com/law.php (claims DMCA are ignored, adult forbidden)
    https://black.host/anonymous-dedicated-servers (very high prices, not sure if reliable)
    http://www.latinol.net/dmca-ignored-servers.html (very expensive)
    https://www.vpsbg.eu/en/index.php?page=dedicated-servers (very expensive, DMCA unsure, ask before order)
    http://www.cyberbunker.com (very expensive)
    http://offshorehosting.space/linux_vps.html - only VPS, no dedi (reviews)
    https://hostsailor.com/dedicated-servers/ - (48 hours to remove)
    http://www.dmca4free.com/ -
    https://artplanet.ru/vps - (unsure about DMCA policy, hosting a domain tankafett.biz used by DC HUBs) using unitpay.ru (webmoney, creditcard)

    before purchase, ask if they ignore DMCA & google domain reviews


    Currently my providers of choice would be probably:
    https://secure.hostsolutions.ro/cart.php (discounted offers at LET)
    https://www.dmca4free.com/ (Google reviews & contact support before purchase)

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    Most of those companies presents itself as "offshore" hosting companies. Offshore doesn't mean, that users will be able to ignore any complaints.
    Very few companies ignores compaints

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    You forgot about the bpw.sc. It's really bulletproof vps, domains and dedicated servers. Promocode - WELOVEYOU - 5% for ever!

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    Offshore Hosting means freedom of speech/non content limitation, DMCA Ignore, No User Information needed for registration/ordering/etc except a working email address as contact and more.
    OffshoreDedicated | Secure & Private Web Hosting | VPS Servers | Dedicated Servers
    w: OffshoreDedicated | f: @OffshoreDedicated

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