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Thread: How to use unused linux server?

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    How to use unused linux server?

    Hello, any ideas on how i can put Linux server into use when i dont need it for anything and the prepaid term is quite long?

    - try to put it up for sale or ask provider to delete it and partial refund for different purchase later
    - help Tor network to setup "relay" if its legal in your country & also run snowflake proxy to help people access Tor
    - run I2Pd to help this anonymity network route the traffic
    - setup ZeroNet proxy, tracker
    - help Opennic project by setting up an open DNS server
    - donate CPU resources to the science research using BOINC
    - help archive important websites by running it on the vmware, virtualbox or docker based virtual machine
    - run decentralized search engine Yacy
    - searx search engine proxy
    - list of tools (you do not need this likely, save time browsing that site)

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    You can use your linux server for many useful way like
    Revive an Old or Slow PC,Brush Up on Your Hacking and Security,
    Create a Dedicated Media Center or Video Game Machine,
    Run a Home Server for Backup, Streaming, Torrenting,
    Work with Hard Drives and Partitions,
    Host a Web Site or Webapp,
    Troubleshoot Other Computers,
    Make a Chromebook More Useful,
    Learn More About How Computers Work and many other ways .

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    Install proxmox, create vps and gift them to family for christmas. On a serious note you can use it as a prize for some contest on this forum.

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