i am looking for a dedicated server from company whose policy is not to share customer data unless strictly upon court order

Payment: Bitcoin
Not screening orders (allows proxy orders) , not requesting scanned documents

server ideal parameters:
CPU: Xeon E3, E5, Core i7, X56**+, dual L55/L56 - (16 threads+)
HDD: 300GB+ disk space hardware RAID 1 or single SSD drive of 240GB+
NET: 100-1000mbit/s unmetered/unlimited or like 30TB/month. Average used is 9TB but want to have room
IPs: IPv4 vLAN/subnet of /28
Location: not USA
Price: <$90/month

Looking to pay month to month, will be renting for years if no downtimes

Server is used for shared hosting which sometimes gets abused for phishing, so there is like 2 abuse reports monthly, i act quickly to remove bad content when reported. But need provider to be OK with such regular abuse reports and never share customer info or give access anyone to the server unless court order in provider country. Again my aim is not to abuse, just want to be protected.

Thank You