Wisesolutions.in: A leading Webhosting company serves you with the latest and tested Hardware to protect your data. Wisesolution promotes your business to explore rapidly across the globe. We are committed to providing blazing-fast services and world-class support. With a promise of securing data from external attacks, it builds up the trust of customers. Also, committed to serving a robust security layer and best-in-class network infrastructure.

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Processor: E3-1220
CPU:- 4 x 3.20 Ghz
Storage: 500 GB HDD
Bandwidth: 10 TB
$55 / Mo
Processor : L5520
CPU:- 8 x 2.26 Ghz
RAM : 96 GB DDR3
Storage : 1 TB HDD
Bandwidth : 10 TB
$85 / Mo
Processor : E3-1220 V5
CPU:- 4 x 3.00 GHz
RAM : 64 GB DDR3
Storage : 4 TB HDD
Bandwidth : 50 TB
$105 / Mo
Processor : E5-2630L
CPU:- 12 x 2.0 GHz
RAM : 64 GB DDR3
Storage : 1 TB HDD
Bandwidth : 100 TB
$125 / Mo

-Why Wisesolutions?

Two hard disks by default with RAID1 enabled
Server Speed 20x Faster
WHM Control Panel
Excellent Hardware Support
Malware and Virus Protection Softwares
Endless Network Connectivity
Money-Back Guarantee

Our Team: We house a team of certified IT professionals with years of hard-core technical knowledge about hardware and software! They are fiercely knowledgeable and extremely particular about technicalities.
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