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Thread: What is the best free linux control panel?

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    Fli is online now
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    Mar 2013

    What is the best free linux control panel?

    Hi, which hosting control panel for linux OS is the best according to You?

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    Aug 2017

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    Hello. I used many control panels, cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager, Webmin, Ajenti, VestaCP, CentOS Web Panel, ServerSuit.
    Best free panel - VestaCP, non-free - cPanel, saas-based - ServerSuit.

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    cpanel is the best linux control panel.
    VirtualMin: VirtualMin is an open source powerful web hosting control panel with many advance features. ...
    Zpanel: Zpanel is a free open source and complete web hosting control panel for Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and MacOSX based servers.
    recently i have visited some websites of top hosting providers and felt interesting by there palns.the hosting providers are like:

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    Hello there,

    CWP is used by many of our customers. Apart from minor problems, no major problem was experienced.

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    my compiled version:

    free version that works and recommend:

    Paid version that offer more features:

    all these control panel offer moderm UI .

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