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Thread: Magento or Wordpress for the e-shop?

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    Cool Magento or Wordpress for the e-shop?

    I have been selling things on ebay to make some extra money and was thinking about maybe making an ecommerce store. I was thinking about using software that has the main purpose for ecommerce and think Magento might be good but I do not know about it. Is Magento good for an ecommerce store or it it better to use Wordpress?

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    On the surface, both the platforms are architecturally similar. They are both customizable, SEO friendly, can be broadly themed, and have a strong online support community. Both are essentially content management systems, allowing you to add, modify, and manage your contents in the most simplified yet effective way possible. However, their differences lie in their core purpose, with WordPress being more content oriented and Magento beingdevoted exclusively to eCommerce.

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    I don't like both of them, I have to say. When it goes to eCommerce, I would rather go for some serious custom web development services instead. I have created my website this way with the help of the company from https://www.issart.com/en/. I have to say that it is really worth every dollar spent and I would definitely recommend their services to all of you here. Think about it too
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    Magento is always recommended for e-commerce sites. We have been managing hundreads of magento websites and those organizations are making good money. The latest magento has got interesting features , seo techniques which are really beneficial.
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    Definitely you need to use Magento for your e-shop. For different reasons such as functionality, custom CMS and off course SEO friendly ecommerce platform!
    My highly advice to you is to hire magento developers for your e-commerce shop, in case if you want a successful business.

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    Magneto is the best for the e-shop, which has various features & functionalities for promoting e-commerce products & services.

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