there can be many quick and more simple methods to access eep sites (i.2p), but i tried this methid even it is a bit complicated to setup.

1. Go to https://github.com/PurpleI2P/i2pd/releases/latest and download file named like "setup_i2pd_v*.*.*.exe"
2. Run installer and then start C:\Program Files\I2Pd\i2pd.exe
3. check tray icon, it will open a in your web browser, it may show some stats
4. Download new web browser like TorBrowser. If you already have it, try other one, example BraveBrowser. Or use firefox, find the icon (shortcut) that launches firefox, duplicate it, right click duplicate and in Properties after the full path to .exe, add: -no-remote -ProfileManager (.....exe" -no-remote -ProfileManager), rneme this shortcut to "Firefox - opening new browser process" and when asked create new profile called i2p. Untick option to autostart with this profile.
5. Open this new web browser by new shortcut, go to Settings, Connections/Network Proxy and set this proxy: (exclude localhost:
6. Your new browser will now access .i2p sites, but it will not access any other like .com
7. should be loading

Go to http://direct.i2p/ and search for the niche you like


Method B - fully featured setup
Download i2p installer (in my case it was "i2pinstall_0.9.32_windows.exe") and tick to install also Windows service during setup.

Open to open main I2P router page.