If anyone considering purchase of this notebook, here is my review:

Lenovo Flex 2 15 Pro

CPU Core i5, 4 threads 2+ GHz
HDD 5400 RPM 500 GB
Geforce 840M

- The notebook is quite heavy and also large (do not fit my bags) - certainly not the kind of notebook to carry while traveling.
- The big disadvantage is also the HDD, not SSD. The Windows 10 start is too slow for normal HDD, so one just sleep the computer instead of shutdown. Disk can be replaced quite easily, it has SATA 2.5" connector.
- The CPU could be faster by like 50%, but current CPU is OK for normal, quite intensive work.
- USB ports in bad position - i prefer when ports are on the rear side, less chances to damage connectors

- Flex 2 15 Pro feels not that easy to be damaged
- the screen size is good for the full time working, office, gaming, i see no problem
- Lenovo Flex 2 15 looks quite good.
- The keyboard keys has lighting.

Other notes:
- RAM of 4GB is a basic amount of RAM for bloated OS like Windows 10, for intensive work (example multiple web browsers with 50+ tabs open and other heavy apps running at same time) i would recommend as much RAM as possible, i bought 2x8GB which is the maximum for this notebook (Lenovo Flex 2 15 Pro), for correct RAM refer technical manual, there is a .pdf on Google.

- the USB connectors wobble, getting sensitive on touch to disconnect as the side ports is not good idea, would prefer rear position.
- display failed, it started showing everything in violet color (other people complained they have everything in green color) so this seems to be common problem and it was also showing ghost image (contours of my desktop background even i had different window on the foreground), i had to put it on repair and they had to change display, replacement not easy. Cost like $220 including tax! i have doubts this display (maybe also the lid) is problematic from manufacturing and will get damaged every X years, will see in a few years.