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Thread: How to download mpeg dash m4s video stream?

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    How to download mpeg dash m4s video stream?

    Some websites are streaming video using mpeg dash.
    As a result when one is examining such webpage using a Webmaster Development tools/console (part of a web browser like Firefox, Chrome) then he/she can see elements:


    No software wanted to download such a video, but i got advises and found 2 software being able to download what i wanted. But these software are not universal, it works to download only from certain websites - but supports hundreds of sites.


    In case of Windows, you can try
    A) install youtube-dl-gui or
    B) download this .zip archive, place archive contents into C:\youtube-dl\ . Launch .bat file. Input video URL.
    C) download youtube-dl.exe and work with it manually via Windows command line.

    In case of Linux/MacOS, you can either
    A) use youtube-dl via command line here. or
    B) use youtube-dl-gui via graphical interface, here are instructions.

    FreeRapid Downloader

    Alternative to youtube-dl is FreeRapid Downloader. It should work on Windows, Linux, MacOS. After launching the app, go to menu Help/Check for new plugins. It is necessary for the downloads to be working.


    If you know easier or other way to download mpeg dash m4s video, please kindly reply.

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    youtube-dl supports onet.pl and dash directly.

    Other alternatives are ismdownloaderAVC1, livestreamer, and streamlink.

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