Multiple c classes IPs

Do you still use the ancient way to do SEO? Then, you drop behind! Multiple IPs (station group) server can change your website ranking quickly.

*What is Multiple IPs server?
Generally, it means the same user builds a number of sites, in order to enhance the weight of each site on the search engine. Configuring a separate IP for one or several sites which is an important part of SEO. If the structure and the content of these site are good and roughly the same with independent IP supporting, the ranking of the site will be improved. However, if these domain names are resolved to the same IP, the search engine will easily identify the spam site, the site will naturally not improve the right. The multiple IPs server has a very significant effect on the promotion of external links.
The purpose of the multiple IPs server is through a large number of sites search engine rankings, to achieve traffic aggregation.

*The elements of station group: domain name, space and IPs.
Everyone knows domain name, so I will not spend time to talk about it. For space, speed and stability is the most important. Otherwise, if you have a sufficient budget, it is best to configure a different ip for each site.