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Thread: How to solve laptop loading more time problem ?

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    How to solve laptop loading more time problem ?

    please any body help me to solve my problem . when I start my laptop then it take minimam 5 minutes to start .

    please tell me what issue could be there .

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    Im not sure what is the root cause, but it can be too much software installations, badly programmed software.
    - uninstalling un needed software
    - defragmenting hard drive (right click drive in the This computer folder) or using http://www.piriform.com/defraggler
    - backup important data and re-install operating system or install Linux
    - buy SSD drive instead of HDD as its much much faster, SSD can provide software to convert HDD data to SSD.

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    I have the same problem. i already scanned it to see if it has a malware or virus, but it's still loading slow. I will try to re-install the OS

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    May be your windows is too old or your laptop disk is old

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