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Thread: The OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension is a must for your eCommerce store

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    The OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension is a must for your eCommerce store

    Users will be able to rent things, schedule appointments, and book accommodations using the online shop vendor. Knowband offers an OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension that is highly flexible. Further, it allows online merchants to specify hourly, daily, and weekly rental items. In addition, hotels for booking and appointment choices. A web merchant may easily create a dynamic reservation system with minimal trouble. From the admin panel, this OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension allow the online retailer to tweak the settings. For instance, the price, time slots, date possibilities, and a variety of most popular appointments/bookings/quantities.

    Web customers may schedule an appointment, book hotels, book hourly rental mainly based products, and book daily rental primarily based items as needed. The net merchant may use value criteria to provide a discounted price on certain periods. the internet For serving consumers, the OpenCart booking module uses Google Maps to display positions on product pages. The OpenCart building booking module is multilingual and provides slick functionality.

    Highlights of this OpenCart Service Booking module by Knowband

    1. Transformation of an eCommerce store into a reservation system

    Administrators of OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module can swiftly transform their company into a functioning reservation system. Further, this is made possible through the OpenCart Event Booking plugin.

    2. Easy listing of appointments

    The store administrator may easily establish and list appointments. In addition, lodging reservations, and hourly and daily rental products.

    3. User-friendly interface

    The OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension has a user-friendly interface.

    4. Effortless order checking and customer information

    The back interface of the eCommerce Booking System system allows administrators to check orders and customer information.

    5. Google Maps integration

    Using the Google Maps link, the region of bookable goods is displayed.

    6. Branch and At-Home service availability

    The OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension offer two sorts of services. Branch aid is the first, and home service is the second.

    7. Module deactivation on certain days

    The administrator can deactivate the OpenCart Event Booking plugin for selected days.

    8. Hotel room list generation

    Shop owners may use this OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension to generate a list of different sorts of hotel rooms. Moreover, classify them according to their categories and facilities.

    9. Easy installation and configuration

    This OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module is easy to set up and does not need any technical experience.


    Thus, let us conclude the article by saying that the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension by Knowband is a stunning option. In fact, it is extremely easy to operate the settings from the backend of the module. Thus, if you are interested, check out the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension at Knowband. In addition, if you have any queries, let us know at [email protected].

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