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Thread: How to merge several video files with different types and dimensions

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    How to merge several video files with different types and dimensions

    1. Drag and drop the file into LosslessCut, use the paws to border the selected section to be cut. Alternatively, refine the position using the key buttons which scroll to the keyframes which is the position where the cut will actually occur.

    Alternatively, use the + button to create another cutout in the same file. Then the Export button and merge cuts.

    Once I have the clippings of all the files, I can get to the clippings folder in the Linux OS command line with the command cd "/address/folders/"

    I run a script that displays the output of MediaInfo for all the clippings in that folder: ~/scripts/mediainfocomparefiles .

    I can see that the files have different resolutions (width, height, different video codecs and different audio sampling rates (44/48kHz) as well as different file endings (mp4,mkv). What to do?

    I tried to combine the same and manually transcode the files individually but it was too laborious. So the easiest way is to transcode all the outtakes to have the same codec, same FPS, same audio sampling rate (and thus can be merged).

    The common resolution should probably be chosen to match the resolution of most of the files or the average.

    ffmpeg -i "$f" -vf "scale=$width:$height,setdar=16:9,setsar=1" -b:v  "$srcvideobitrate"k -r 25 -ar 48000  "$directory/$filename.scalled.$extension"
    If the merged file has defects, then guess which clipping is problematic and try to exclude it when merging to see if that solves the problem.

    It is also possible to use an alternative tool for merging videos: https://www.onlineconverter.com/merge-video

    Do you know a better way? Share how to do it.

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    Thanks for the info, don't know of any other way

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