I was trying to install Microsoft Windows 7 from a USB drive (was created using Ventoy software and the .iso image i have downloaded)

yet the installer was complaining:
A Required CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing’ Error Message When Installing Windows 7 from a USB

What helped was to use USB 2.0 stick/card reader. Somehow the USB 3.0 stick is a problem.

Other people says that it may work to
A) set USB 3.0 in BIOS to auto
B) use different USB port
C) create installation usb drive using https://www.techsupportall.com/download/tools/Win7-USB3.0-creator-v3-utility.zip
D) https://appuals.com/fix-a-required-cd-dvd-drive-device-driver-is-missing-error-message-when-installing-windows-7-from-a-usb/

My other attempt would be to install the .iso image to a HDD connected via dock and then connect HDD via SATA cable, so the USB is not used at all during install.