The I/O cache encountered an error while updating data in medium "ahci-0-0" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL). Make sure there is enough free space on the disk and that the disk is working properly. Operation can be resumed afterwards.

Závažnost: Non critical error

any idea how to solve? I see Virtualbox says 4gb is used out of 8gb and im using flexible disk volume.

Someone advice enabled Use I/O cache for host (Activating the Use host I/O cache' for the (AHCI) SATA Controller) on Storage tab in Box settings. But after this it just stuck without any error.

SOLUTION: I think "VERR_DISK_FULL" means there is no space. On the disk is space, but its format is FAT32 and it cant create file larger 4GB which im trying to create (HDD file grows over this size), so solution can be using disk with NTFS filesystem.