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Thread: Windows Vista 32 bit and Test Drive Unlimited 1 (TDU1)?

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    Windows Vista 32 bit and Test Drive Unlimited 1 (TDU1)?

    Windows Vista 32 bit and TDU1?

    1. Install TDU1
    2. instal 1.66 patch & project paradise launcher (or the TDU Platinum pack which does both)
    3. at this time, game not launching the black screen pop up for the second but disappear
    4. i may see error of missing d3d9_43.dll, i see i have only d3d9.dll, renaming does not help
    5. when i duck.com that error, i read i need to install direct x redist (i found "DirectX End-User Runtime") so i DL and install it from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=35
    6. i rename d3d9_43.dll back to d3d9.dll and try again, now i see TDU paradise launcher shows error that the TDU stopped working:
    Podpis problému:
    Název události problému: APPCRASH
    Název aplikace: TestDriveUnlimited.exe
    Verze aplikace:
    Časové razítko aplikace: 468e36be
    Název chybného modulu: d3d9.dll
    Verze chybného modulu:
    Časové razítko chybného modulu: 546e8827
    Kód výjimky: c0000005
    Posun výjimky: 00007070
    Verze operačního systému: 6.0.6000.
    ID národního prostředí: 1029
    Další informace 1: 45c2
    Další informace 2: c75239aa6e5f37d7ea44df1e3c1cebf4
    Další informace 3: 6e6f
    Další informace 4: edd91a2c127aeff368879b0ce35374cb

    Přečtěte si prohlášení o zásadách ochrany osobních údajů:
    It says the d3d9.dll is faulty module. When i click Start menu, type "dxdiag" hit enter, i see i am using DirectX 10 not 9. Is problem that game says to support DirectX9 and i have DX10? Should i downgrade somehow?

    I tried Windows XP compatibility mode & run as admin for both apps (launcher and TDU executable) already.

    Is problem graphic card drivers? I see that my Windows device manager recognizes Standard graphical adapter VGA and in details says device can not be launched, code 10. Also i see my GPU developer has only Windows 7+ drivers on their site and the graphic card is said to be supported only on 64bit Windows 7 or higher and i am having lower Windows and 32 bit :-(

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