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Thread: Qualitative data analysis?

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    Qualitative data analysis?

    How it can be used in business? And which software is the best for it?

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    Well it's a popular method which is often used in modern business. It's very helpful for various its functions and making the business in general more effective and profitable.
    Its main pros are for example:
    - all necessary materials can be evaluated with better details (because it focuses less on the metrics of the data that is being collected)
    - it's based on human observations and experiences (this type of research doesn't ignore a subconscious method of operation which is the instinctual nature of the human mind)
    - it operates with fluid structures (it's possible to follow any data tangent and this improves the general amount of information which is collected)
    - it's an open-ended process (because it's convinient for gathering the information from emotional responses)

    There are a lot of types of software which are used for this type of research, the most popular among them are Sisense, ProvalisResearch https://provalisresearch.com/, Datagrav, Annotations, Interpris, Focuss On, Qiqqa, Atlas and so on.

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