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Thread: VPN recommendations

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    VPN recommendations

    Is there any really good free one? Or at least a not very expensive VPN? Would be really grateful for your help!

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    There's a plenty of free VPNs, you can try for example PrivateTunnel, TunnelBear, ZenMate, Windscribe, Speedify and so on. Also many paid VPNs provide free periods of using and demo free versions which have many limits but can be used effectively for simple browing too. But I should mention that free VPNs are really good only in case of anonymity because in their case you don’t have to provide full/real details about yourself while signing up.
    In all other cases the paid ones are better like for example in case of:
    - better speed
    - tunnelling your connections more secure and as a result better protection of your privacy (but always check provider's privacy policy firstly because not all of them don't collect information about traffic)
    - greater variety of virtual locations to choose (which is an important thing for accessing some blocked resources)
    - better protection from various anti-VPN software (it's a big problem for many VPNs, especially the free ones and in case of such countries like China where only a small amount amount of VPNs work really well, like for example NordVPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en and ExpressVPN)
    - protection from unexpected disconnections
    - absence of annoying and stupid advertisements (in case of free ones it's your 'payment' for using them)
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    I was doing research on the VPN providers that work best for Kodi users for streaming.
    I went to googling and found an amazing guide on Best VPN for Kodi which will carry your streaming experience to next level. As well as it will secure you from cyberthreats in digital world. Be sure to have a look and secure your online streaming while using VPN on Kodi https://www.firesticktricks.com/best-vpn-kodi.html
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    I would recommend Tunnel bear, as I have my personal experience with this VPN at the time of beginning stage of social media marketing.

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    If Your aim is privacy i would be cautious using free VPNs. If your aim is to "hide" your real IP or look to be from different country, then free ones are OK.
    I am running my own VPN server, it cost like $2 monthly, check this tutorial

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    Are the above programs easy enough to use? I have never come across a VPN before and I don’t understand it.

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    I am using TouchVPN google chrome plugin usually

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