It's been a while since the last digest post. During this time, we got a lot of new and interesting things. Take a few minutes to review all the changes.

Let's start with Exclusive proxies.
If your tasks require a lot of proxies, preferably not-used-before ones, we highly recommend trying our out the new solution. We recently made a major update in this area. We have increased the frequency of rotating IP addresses and added new countries. If you are interested in quality, we strongly recommend you to give those proxies a shot.
And using the promo code EX30 you'll get extra 30% off of the product!

Now let's talk about our Mobile proxies.

We have expanded our global presence and now you can find the USA in our arsenal of proxies: New York, Seattle, Los Angeles. You will have three phone companies available in each city: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon.
IP changes every two minutes at each location.
We highly recommend Mobile proxies for many social media tasks.
Prices: Day - 15$, Week - 50$, Month - 150$

New! Resident personal proxies.
This is what everyone has been asking us for a long time. And we finally did it! Our Resident personal proxy is a type of service where you can change your country and IP address almost any time.
You can choose from 60 countries. At the moment, you can change the country and IP every 5 minutes.
Though, we plan to advance the functionality even further.

Important note!
Did you know that proxies have the fingerprint just like humans? Well, with proxies it's a little bit different but still.
For a long time, our personal proxies were identified as Linux OS, and that made many services suspicious. But now you have the opportunity to change the OS fingerprint in your personal account and disguise your proxy as any other popular OS.

New! Shared private proxies.
If you need non public proxies and you are still ok to share them with a couple of users, you can find such proxies on our website for merely 20 cents! Five countries are available: USA, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, the UK.

VPN + TOR = extra protection.
Now buying a Single or Double subscription from us, you have the option to enable Tor output node. This service is now available for free. No extra charges. Period It can be enabled in your personal account.

And if you suddenly want to contact our administration directly, then we'll give you the opportunity. Thanks to the "Contact SEO" button. Only our SEO will see what you send.

Our customer support team works around the clock!
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: rsocks
ICQ: 560335
Discord: RSocks Support#3550