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Thread: Copy file from/to remote server via SSH and only update files & overwrite old?

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    Copy file from/to remote server via SSH and only update files & overwrite old?


    what are ways to copy files/folders from/to remote Linux server and prevent overwriting new files of same name by old files of same name.

    I found scp can copy, but cant prevent new files being overwriten by older.

    But rsync has option -u (update):
    Update files at the destination ONLY if the source copy has been modified more recently
    so i can use?
    rsync -au ?

    copy to remote server
    rsync -au /local/source/path/ "ssh -p sshport" [email protected]:/remote/path/

    copy from remote server
    rsync -au "ssh -p sshport" [email protected]:/remote/path/ /local/source/path/

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    login as new user: ssh [email protected]

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