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Thread: Lead Generation, how, where

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    Lead Generation, how, where

    How to generate leads for Software Company? Give your valuable suggestions.

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    You can use forums but I thing FB and Adwords is better.

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    Generating leads for a software company needs an insightful understanding of the software purchasing process. One can use approaches like email marketing, cold-calling and social media services.
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    You can do SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and Social Media marketing. These are best ways to get leads. I also have the suggestion you can add tool lead conversion in your website like live chat. I am also using live chat service of LiveAdmins last three years.

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    You can post your service or products in craigslist site. craigslist posters will help for your ad postings.

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    As the user visits your sites, he is always looking for some information. whereas if a user is doing any registration to your site that will be the lead. lead can also be grown by various approaches like cold calling, email marketing, social media and other ways, thus this can bring up the lead to your site.

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    You generally want to utilize paid advertising for generating leads. This can include both FB and Google Ads. Youtube is another really good way of generating traffic to your service or offers in exchange for their contact information.

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