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Thread: How I Earn Through Affiliate Marketing?

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    Affiliate marketing is the oldest marketing technique to sell a product based on affiliate recommendation. It is also one of the cheapest and easiest ways of marketing

    Some of the best Strategy for affiliate marketing are as follows:

    -Choose More Attractive Products
    -Use Several Traffic Sources
    -Attract Targeted Traffic
    -Test, Measure, and Track
    -Research Product Demand
    -Follow New Methods and Techniques
    -Select The Right Advertiser
    -Use the social media platform like (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to promote your product.
    -Use Tools

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    To Run affiliate marketing first you have to rank up your website and post quality content that attract users to your website.

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    Hey buddy,

    In my opinion, either ClickBank or Clickfunnels are the best way to make money online. I tried both of them (Clickbank was my first platform) and I earned a good chunk of commission while promoting their products. I m now promoting Clickfunnels (reason why because of the Monthly earning recurrence) and I can say that it gives me a good amount monthly. You should check my complete Clickfunnels review on my blog www.webworkhub.com/complete-and-unbiased-clickfunnels-review-for-2019/ for more info.

    If you need help, just shout
    Good luck,


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    First, watch some YouTube videos. Familiarize your self with the concept of affiliate marketing. By then you should be aware that courses are offered to help you succeed. Find a course that of course is not a scam, which is kind of hard starting out, and that works for you. Always remember that any niche can be profitable. It is the traffic that is difficult. maybe try finding a course that focuses more on helping with traffic while still teaching you the basics. There is a review on my blog of a program you can try out at www.passivebest.com . It is just a suggestion.

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    The best way to earn money affiliate marketing is on social media because its free. Build up an audience in a popular niche like health, wealth or relationships. Post informative content in that niche to establish authority. Then you can apply to affiliate for a product you know will help people in this niche and you'll be given a unique link.

    Share this link on your social accounts and make a commission when someone buys.

    I make money affiliate marketing on Twitter. Read my Twitter affiliate marketing guide: https://remoteworkrebels.com/affiliate-marketing-on-twitter/

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