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Thread: Are you making money as an affiliate?

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    Yes, I have done the affiliate marketing and really can make really good money with it!
    It includes Youtube, social media, blog writing, etc.
    I am promoting products for Poweradspy. It is the Facebook ad spy tool that is the best intelligent tool for Facebook ad with this tool you can able to spy on your competitor Facebook ad strategy.

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    If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing then you can join the Webhosting UK Affiliate Program is free and you can be up and running within minutes! With no limits on how much you can earn and cookies that last for 150 days, web hosting affiliate program is one of the most attractive programs around.

    Unbeatable Commission

    WHUK Affiliate commission structure rewards your success with up to 100% commission, making ours one of the best earning web hosting affiliate programs available!

    Up to 100% of Order Value

    1 - 10 Orders 65% Commission
    10 - 20 Orders 75% Commission
    20 - 40 Orders 100% Commission

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    Affiliate Marketing is about making money, lots of money. Yes, I am using Affiliate Marketing for making money.
    Steps to make Money through Affiliate Marketing are as follows:-
    Search your Niche
    Make a Website
    Make Quality Content
    Be Patient
    Choose Affiliate Products to promote
    Join Affiliate Marketing Network
    Prefer various Traffic Sources
    Use Automation Tools, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peepalala View Post
    how to make money online only using affiliate website , do anyone making living successfully using affiliate marketing .
    Hey, I'm an affiliate marketer and I make good commissions with lots of products such as Clickbank and Clickfunnels. If you want to know more about, check my Clickfunnels review in my blog

    Good luck

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    I like to invest money in trading or ICOS. I think both way are very profitbale and can give a lot of money. But sometimes I used loans from but always return money in time.

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